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Inspired by the natural beauty of the rocky Maine coast, the DownEast Audio is the effort to bring the philosophy of uncomplicated exquisite form to a wireless, portable speaker

The original speaker was a simple collection of components built into a finely crafted wood box. It instantly captured the imagination of all who heard it, and necessitated a follow up model. The speaker centered around a concept of openness and honesty about all of the components used. The original speaker doubled as a drybox allowing the then widely non-weatherproof phones to be stored inside.

Version 2 was a massive improvement in both weatherproofing and sound quality, high quality bronze-aluminum alloy woofers and cutting edge ferrofluid damped tweeters were utilized to great effect. The speaker still suffered greatly from build issues stemming from lower quality amplifier technology. The next step was to begin manufacturing superior quality amplifiers here in America.

Version 5 features the very latest in energy efficient digitally modulated amplifier technology. The philosophy of analog control was not lost as the amplifier retains the warm analog sound by utilizing a triple stage analog preamp, with the best quality film and foil capacitors and FET driven BurrBrown op-amps.  

The speakers can be customized with engraving done with a special process. Each speaker has it’s serial number engraved giving it potential collector value. Because the wood grain is different on every speaker, no DownEast Audio 20/20 will ever be the same, they are all perfectly unique, designated by the natural process by which the wood is formed.

A personal message and engraving can be included. This an example of an engraving made for avid skiers. The design was custom designed and engraved. We have a variety of local Artists available to produce a wide array of designs. We’re confident that the DownEast Audio 20/20 will make the perfect gift!

Rather than complicating the listening experience with smartphone apps and digital correction schemes, the DownEast Audio 20/20 uses the very best implementation of bluetooth 4.2, using a Cambridge Silicon Radio device designed in Cambridge England. The specification allows for upto 320kbs with SBR and 256kbs AAC giving an excellent listening experience.

Special research and testing went into making the interface simple and easy to use. Familiar dials and switches for instant feedback, no navigating through menu structures or apps to update

Turn it on and it automatically connects to the last device used.

Multiple devices can be connected simultaneously.

Even pairing multiple speakers for a superior stereo sound is both possible and easy.


The DownEast Audio is such a pleasant shift away from the mass produced, difficult to use speakers. I can just grab it whenever and bring it out to my deck when I’m entertaining. It’s so easy to use and sounds better than anything else out there.

Amy DeGozzaldi
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