Hello my name is John Evans

Passionate about all things technology and art.

This is a short summary of some of my favorite projects:

Wrist Mounted Flight Computer:

Various Software Projects:

Ripple Pool Simulation:

This wave simulation uses the finite difference method, it runs in parrallel on vectorized elements and uses SIMD to improve performance.
Notice the Diffraction pattern formed in this double slit example.

Strange Attractor Renderer:

This is an example of a Clifford Attractor, it runs in parrallel on vectorized elements and uses SIMD to improve performance.
The render changes the parameters dynamically and shows the change by looking up and changing the pixels as the render progresses.

SMT Assembly Machine:

Custom software written in windows forms of all things! (Not open source) Able to reliably place 0403 parts only 0.5mm wide using off the shelf webcams. See open source eye tracking for more info. The two projects are closely related but the Pick and Place software contains some database functionality for tracking parts and machine control using a tinyG stepper motor controller.

A sample contract the machine was capable of assembling

Eye Tracking and Computer Vision:

A low cost solution for realtime eye tracking.  Special note: all the source is available on my github Please do not use the code as a method of judging my coding style or skill. That code was written in probably a combined total of 2 weeks of time and on top of that was mostly written in 2017. It’s not a good reflection of my current coding skill.

Full post here:


Also featured on Hackaday!

Down East Audio Speakers:


An epic project that I turned in a business for 2 years.

Purpose built high fidelity amplifiers built in house:

Purpose built cabinets designed, built and finished in house

Fun and Different